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K.A. Stoyles

Multi-genre Canadian Author

Romance, Women's Fiction

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To Fall In Love With All Your Heart Cover
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The Harringford Flats Mysteries


Who is K.A. Stoyles?

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Good question! Sometimes I ask myself the same thing. One day I might be Lily James (All I Need) desperately trying to prove her fiance isn't guilty of fraud. The next, I'm Lena Harringford, (The Harringford Murder) struggling to maintain her dignity despite scandal and murder. Or I might be BJ Rogers (The Black Pearls) wondering why her grandmother's pearl necklace transports her to the past.

Family and friends know me as Karen Stoyles. I live with my wonderful husband of over 40 years in Southern Ontario, Canada.

I've received awards for sewing, baking, and photography. During COVID, I worked through my fabric stash sewing wallets and purses, and added acrylic painting to the list of hobbies.


Writing is a recent passion, comparatively speaking. When diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer after retiring in late 2015, writing became an escape from appointments and treatments. Holding my first novel, Lies and Lovers, in my hand, was an unbelievable accomplishment and only the beginning. I have self-published eight novels, including my latest release, The Price of a Life in November 2023. 

Readers find my relaxed writing style entertaining with page-turning twists and turns. The stories appeal to readers who appreciate women's fiction, contemporary fiction, a touch of fantasy, or cozy mysteries, and keep them engaged from the first page until the last.

If this is your first visit, browse through my Novels. Each one is available in your favourite format: eBook, paperback or hardcover and may be purchased on my Amazon Author Page.

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What Readers Wrote:

Readers can identify with or understand the simple or complex characters. With every book the author comes up with something unexpected and intriguing.

Norma S.

The Harringford Murder is a new direction for K.A. Stoyles and she is totally up to the challenge. The mystery and intrigue supply enough twists to keep the reader guessing.

Douglas B.

When I started The Katz Cottage Murders, I was intrigued from the first chapter and the story kept me guessing until the end.

Rita P.

In The Press

News & Updates

October 31, 2023:

Exciting news! The new book, The Price of a Life, is finished! It's available on Amazon in eBook, paperback or hardcover.

Would you like a hint about the story? If you read the previous Harringford Flats mysteries—The Harringford Murder and The Katz Cottage Murders—you'll recognize the main characters in this new book: Mona Hastings, Lorelei Harringford-Hastings, Phoebe Katz, Chief Lance McAvoy and Detective Avery Noble, and more.

Mona has an unexpected and unpleasant reunion with an old flame, Glen Westlake. He is determined to rekindle their relationship, but she rejects his advances, vowing not to make the same mistake twice. Are his intentions honourable or could he have another agenda?


I know, this sounds like a romance—I assure you it's not. Because when Glen's other life catches up with him. Order your copy today. Can you solve the mystery?

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